The Elements of Security

The Elements of Security

The Three Most Essential Components Of Business Security System Design

Ava Robertson

All businesses that store valuable goods, paper documents, or hard drives with sensitive information must prioritize the security of their property in order to thrive. While security systems can be added long after a building is constructed, many business security system design firms design secure buildings from the ground up. With a security system that is fully integrated into the core of your business's physical location, everyone and everything on your property will be as safe and secure as possible. Here are the three most essential elements of these security system designs.

Interdisciplinary Security Coordination

Commercial buildings have to meet many needs. Depending on the nature of your business, you could have many professionals enter and leave your building throughout any given workday, including maintenance professionals, fuel delivery personnel, food delivery workers, and many other people. In order to make sure a building stays secure despite the number of people coming and going on a regular basis, security system designers take all of these services into account when designing a building's layout. They design security measures that keep contracted workers away from merchandise or data storage areas like outdoor access to HVAC systems and fuel tanks and security checkpoints between lobbies and workspaces.

Access Point Control Systems

Virtually every commercial building has multiple access points from the outside. Good security designs also have internal access points. While you can secure most rooms after a building has been built, buildings designed with security in mind have deliberate access point control systems in place that funnel people to the rooms of the correct security level for their position in a company. For example, while you could secure a hall closet to store sensitive paper documents, anyone walking through the hallway would be one step away from illegally accessing the files. If those files were secured in a closet that is within a secured section of the building, a malicious person would have to breach at least two access points to reach them.

Indoor and Outdoor Monitoring Systems

When many people think about business security cameras, they think primarily about exterior cameras that monitor the parking lot or area around the building. While these cameras are essential, they are no more important than indoor cameras. With both indoor and outdoor cameras, business owners can monitor everything that goes on on their property. If employees are complaining about a theft problem, the thief can be caught. If secure storage areas have been compromised, the person responsible can be tracked down easily. As long as the monitoring systems record data, business owners can track issues back to when they started and improve their security measures as needed.


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