The Elements of Security

The Elements of Security

3 Essential Components In A Commercial Security System

Ava Robertson

Commercial properties are often targeted by thieves because they contain a lot of valuable items. A break-in can cause significant damage to your commercial structure. When you combine the cost of making necessary repairs with the cost of replacing any items that were taken during the break-in, the value of a solid commercial security system becomes clear.

Your security system should feature the following three components to maximize safety and convenience.

1. Safety Glass

The type of glass that you install in your commercial windows and doors can determine how vulnerable your property is to serious damage during an attempted break-in. You should replace any traditional glass with safety glass to maximize the safety of your commercial space. Safety glass is made by super-heating a piece of annealed glass and then cooling it quickly. The production process creates a piece of glass that is less likely to shatter upon contact.

Thieves will have a hard time breaking a window or door to gain entry into your commercial space when you have security glass installed. Your business will become an undesirable target, helping you protect your property against theft.

2. Video Surveillance

Video cameras are an integral part of any successful commercial security system. Place security cameras strategically around your commercial space so that you can record the comings and goings of your customers and employees. In the event that your business is targeted by someone looking to steal, you can use your video surveillance equipment to help identify a suspect. Many modern video surveillance systems give you the ability to access camera feeds remotely.

You can use a mobile device to check in on any activity within your commercial space, allowing you to identify security threats in real time.

3. Central Monitoring

One of the most important components in a commercial security system is central monitoring. A system that features central monitoring is connected to a network of dispatchers that monitor performance. Anytime an alarm is triggered by your security system, an alert is sent to a dispatcher. A living person will evaluate the threat immediately. The authorities can be dispatched to your business location automatically, helping to reduce response times in the event of an emergency.

You must be proactive in protecting your business assets against damage or loss. Installing a commercial security system can be a great way to reduce risk, but only if the system features the right components. Contact companies like All Pro Security to learn more.


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