The Elements of Security

The Elements of Security

3 Dangers Of Skipping Annual Fire Sprinkler Testing

Ava Robertson

If your business has a fire sprinkler system, then you likely rely on that system for any emergency situations. Your workers and building can be saved with the use of a proper sprinkler system. When you have a sprinkler system installed, the various elements will need inspection on a quarterly or annual basis.

Even if the sprinklers are not in use regularly, an inspection will ensure they work properly. Professionals know what to look for and how to repair any major issues. If you skip out on fire sprinkler testing, then you could run into major problems in the future.

1. Corroded Pipes & Rusty Sprinklers

Anything that has to do with water should be inspected on a regular basis. Water, condensation, and varying temperatures could all lead to corrosion or rust. During an inspection, inspectors will look for signs of corrosion and perform repairs if needed. If you skip out on these inspections, then the corrosion could lead to leaks.

You may have to worry about floods rather than fires, especially behind walls or in areas where some of the main water pipes lead into the sprinkler system. In some cases, you may have rusty sprinkler spouts. If the rust grows too much, then the sprinkler could have a blockage and may not distribute water properly if you have an emergency.

2. Poor Water Flow

Proper water flow is essential for a sprinkler system to distribute water. During a fire sprinkler testing service, technicians will inspect the sprinkler output at your business. Poor water pressure could lead to poor performance. The natural water that flows into your business could be considered hard water and create issues as well.

Without adjustments and changes, you may not have the proper pressure to make full use of the sprinklers. The process could prevent the proper extinguishing of fires within your office.

3. Alarm & Software Issues

A sprinkler system works on an alarm system that could be manually operated by an employee or automatically go off when high temperatures or fire is detected. If the software does not work properly, then the sprinkler system will not go off when you need it.

If you skip the testing process, then you may not be aware of any issues that involve the whole system. A technician will often perform a full simulation of the sprinkler system that goes through the full process without actually spraying any water out.

Contact a fire sprinkler testing service to set up an annual appointment and have the peace of mind that your system will function correctly if an emergency does occur.


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