The Elements of Security

The Elements of Security

What Do You Need To Know When Shopping For Replacement Keys?

Ava Robertson

Secure locks are an integral part of any home or business's security system, but a lock is useless without the right key. Replacement keys are useful when you've accidentally lost your key, or when you need to give a new person access. A locksmith can create replacement keys for you at an affordable price. Here are four things you should know about getting replacement keys made.

1. Stylized keys are available.

When you purchase a replacement key, you don't need to stick to the same utilitarian style as the original. You can purchase key blanks in many colors, and some have beloved characters or other pictures printed onto them. A stylized key can help you show off what you love.

2. Replacement keys can be made even without the original.

Copying keys is one possibility, but you may eventually face a situation where you can't find your original key. In these circumstances, a locksmith can create a replacement key based on the internal configuration of your lock. If you have the paperwork for your lock available, the necessary information may be printed on it. Otherwise, your locksmith will need to come to your home to create the new key mold in person. Before starting this process, they will require proof that you live at that particular residence. A deed to the home or renter's agreement, plus photo ID, will be sufficient proof.

3. All keys can be copied.

Some keys are printed with a "do not duplicate" notice on their face. Some people mistakenly believe that it's illegal to copy these keys. However, neither state nor federal law forbids duplication. As long as you own the key and the lock it opens, you may have replacements made if you wish. If you find a locksmith who refuses to create a copy of a key based on a "do not duplicate" notice, keep searching until you find a locksmith who will make you the replacement key you need.

4. It's wise to have extra copies made.

No one ever plans to lose their keys. After you get your replacement keys made, you may tell yourself that you'll be more careful in the future. However, accidents can still happen. Safeguard your ability to get into your house in the future by having a few extra replacement keys made. Replacement keys are typically inexpensive, and you may be able to get a discount by purchasing multiple keys at once.

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