The Elements of Security

The Elements of Security

Parent Getting Older And Lives Far Away? Install A Security System And A Wired Fire Alarm To Keep Them Safe

Ava Robertson

If your parent is getting older, you may be worried about their safety even if your parent is healthy. To help ease your stress and worry you can hire a security company. This company can provide a variety of security measures for your parent's home. Below is more information about this so you can ensure your parent is safe and secure in their home.

Install Security System

A security system is the best defense against intruders that may try to break into your parent's home. When it comes to security systems there are different types available.

One type of security system is a wired system. This system is tied into the phone lines. One benefit of a wired system is that it is always on. One disadvantage of this is someone could easily cut the phone line. Another disadvantage is if the power goes out the security system will also go out.

A wireless system uses a cellular connection, which will always be on. If you have Wi-Fi at your home the system will run off your Wi-Fi network. If your Wi-Fi goes down, the system will automatically convert to using the cellular connection. This system will keep running even if your power goes out. An intruder has no telephone wires to cut to turn a security system off. A wireless system is also less expensive as it is faster to install, and less equipment is needed. 

Once the system that you choose is installed, the security service will place sensors on all doors and windows, as well as any other entry points into the home.

Install A Wired Fire Alarm System

There is always a chance that your parent's home could catch on fire either due to their fault or another reason. If this were to happen, your parent may not be able to get out of their home quickly because they are elderly. To help with this you can have a wired fire alarm system installed in their home.

A common wired fire alarm system is a fire alarm system that has four wires. When the wired system is installed, the installer will install alarm systems in different areas of the home, which are known as zones. Each alarm system is hardwired to a control panel. If an alarm system goes off, the control panel detects this and sets off a loud alarm.

There are fire alarm systems that run on two wires, which are less expensive when compared to four-wire systems. There are smoke detectors and alarms installed in different areas of the home. Each system has a wire that runs directly to the control panel. This will detect smoke and sound a loud alarm alerting everyone in the home that they need to leave and contact authorities. Two wired systems are installed in smaller homes if there are not a lot of zones.

The security company that you hire can help you decide the best security for your parent. For more information, contact a company like Eastern Fire.


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