The Elements of Security

The Elements of Security

Effective Security For Your Commercial Property Or Business

Ava Robertson

Protecting your business at all times is vital. Adding a commercial security system is one way to ensure that someone is constantly monitoring your business, and is often the fastest way to get police or fire units to the scene when needed.

Assessing Your Needs

When considering a commercial security system for your business, the best place to start is with a full assessment of the building to determine what is necessary. Security systems are improving, but there are still some basic things to consider that can help you decide where to start when securing your business.

Determining if there are entry points into the building that need attention or areas that would be easy to hide in is crucial to your system installation. Working with a commercial security system installation service to layout the system can be beneficial and allow you to tailor the security system to your specific needs. 

During the security assessment, the installer may also recommend system features like cameras, motion detectors, and smoke/heat detectors that can help protect the business from fire. Some systems even offer water flow alarms that can alert you to a broken pipe or leak in the building, allowing you to respond quickly and reduce the chance of catastrophic water damage inside. 

Security System Installation

Once the assessment is complete and you have decided what features you would like to use in your commercial building, the commercial security system installation service will begin to add sensors, cameras, and other features to the building. The type and location of each portion of the security system are critical and will ensure that everything functions properly. 

If your security system incorporates fire and smoke detectors, those also need installation. The number and location in the building vary with the size of the structure and the layout inside. If the heart and smoke detectors are in the wrong place, a fire could get a significant start before it is detected, making it harder to control and causing substantial damage to the building. 

System Monitoring 

During the commercial security system installation, you will need to decide if you will use a monitoring service to monitor the system and alert responders if there is a problem at your business. The cost of monitoring services is often far lower than paying someone to be on the property after hours. If there is a problem, the security service can get police officers, the fire department, or other responders headed to the location without delay.

Monitoring can mean better protection for your business and maybe the difference between someone getting and causing damage, or robbing you, or getting police on the scene fast enough to apprehend a thief or intruder quickly.  


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