The Elements of Security

The Elements of Security

  • The Indispensable Upgrade: Replacing Your Security System Alarms

    Your home's security system is a ceaseless sentry, the unwavering guardian in the shadows. But what if your sentry is murmuring when it should be shouting? The case for updating the core of your security system – its alarms – is compelling, and here's why. Why Alarm Replacement Is Key If the primary purpose of a security system is to deter threats and notify homeowners or authorities of an intruder, then surely, the alarms are its vocal cords.

  • Five Tips for Maintaining Your Security Screen Door

    A security screen door is not just a decorative feature in your home. It's a practical investment that helps keep your family safe. Security screen doors are designed to provide an extra layer of protection by adding an extra barrier between you and intruders. However, it is essential to keep in mind that, like any other door, security screen doors need maintenance to ensure they function correctly and efficiently. Here's a short list of some maintenance tips that will help keep your security screen door in tip-top shape.

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The Elements of Security

When you really think about it, home security breaks down into three elements. There are the deterrents — things that mentally keep intruders away. This might include things like "no trespassing" signs and strobe lights. There are the preventatives — elements that physically provide a barrier against intruders. Examples include bars on the windows and locks on doors. Then, there are the alert mechanisms. These elements call the police, contact you, and record all activity if someone does happen to intrude. This website exists to educate you all about these elements of security. Start reading, and you'll come up with some great ideas to help bolster your own system.